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Mikao Usui

Masters of Reiki Kit

Become a Reiki Master Practitioner

Masters of Reiki Kit

The Masters of Reiki Kit will certify you as a Reiki Master Practitioner.  You will be able to use the amazing power of Reiki to bring Reiki healing to yourself and your friends and family, or start a Reiki Therapy business of your own!

"Within a month of working with Reiki, I got out of a depression, changed careers and made lots of new friends and found a better way to cope with stress. Not to mention the healing benefits.
Relaxation, rejuvenation, emotional release and stress reduction.
In healing myself, I realized my path in this life was one of healing."

Ann C

"I can say that my clients are receiving the benefits of the training, most have commented on how intense the reiki has been. One woman said that she couldn't tell where my hands stopped and the heat started, it was as if my hands and the energy were all one and had melted into her body."

Laura H

"The Masters of Reiki program is so easy. I just watched the videos and followed the steps, then I wasn't just learning but having fun too!  The bonus items were great too.  Thank you!"

David B


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